Egyptian Family Development

The National Project of Egyptian Family Development came within the framework of the directives of President  Abdel Fattah El-Sisi 2021, similar to the inspiring experiences that resulted from a series of various national presidential initiatives that were successfully implemented during the past years at the level of the Republic, especially in the health and social protection sectors, which included tens of millions of citizens. It provided accurate data bases and effective communication mechanisms with all segments of society that can be used for the benefit of the activities of the "Egyptian Family Development" project.


The "National Project of Egyptian Family Development " includes the basic social issues and concerns of the Egyptian family in all aspects of health, social, family, economic and other aspects. The strategic objective of the project 2021-2023 is to improve the quality of life of the Egyptian citizen and the Egyptian family.


This is through controlling population growth and upgrading population characteristics, as well as taking what is necessary within the framework of upgrading population characteristics, with the importance of integrating the efforts of all parties working on managing the population issue and networking between them through an integrated strategic plan, so that the main objective is not only to focus on controlling increasing population growth rates, but rather managing the population issue from a comprehensive perspective in order to improve the quality of life of citizens and ensure the sustainability of the development process, with emphasis on the importance of considering the population issue as a human right, especially the rights of women and children. women to family planning services, and access to them at an affordable price.